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Our names are Marcel & Ruth.


We are a husband and wife team of Wedding Videographers and call Ottawa home. We film in Ottawa, Gatineau and beyond and love to film bilingual weddings as Marcel is fluent in French and English. 

We've been married for 14 years and have 1 dog and 2 kiddos!

We are coffee enthusiasts, homesteaders, musicians, adventure seekers and “Creatives” to the core. Most of all, we love telling the kind of love stories that move you to tears

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Our Story

Marcel and Ruth have been married for 14 years, and their biggest regret about their wedding day? They had a low-budget videographer to try and save money! 

Unfortunately, the video footage from their wedding is blurry almost the whole way through after someone walked in front of the camera, you can barely hear anything except for birds and wind, and overall it was just incredibly disappointing.


Their wedding day flew by and at the end of it they realized they had missed so much of the day they had spent SO long planning! Although they have beautiful photos, they will never get to relive their vows, their speeches, the emotional words that Ruth's mom and dad said to her when they saw her for the first time in her dress, the moment Marcel's Grandfather (who has since passed) made a hilarious joke during the reception, or the fun singing and dancing that broke out spontaneously with their wedding party on the front lawn between photos.


They don't want anyone to have to go through that same pain!


With over 20 years of industry experience between them, and over 200 weddings, engagements and videos created, they know how to make your wedding video dreams come true!


So they offer full day coverage from start to finish. They do their best to capture every single planned and spontaneous moment throughout your day. They use high tech audio gear to ensure you can clearly hear what was being said. And they create a custom film that will help you to relive, share and truly cherish your wedding day over and over again. It's really something you can pop the champagne to each year on your anniversary!

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